Titanfall Overview

I’m highly looking forward to the upcoming Titanfall game so I’m writing a quick posts about to clear up a few false notions.

It’s worth pointing out that Titanfall isn’t a next-gen exclusive or even an Xbox exclusive, though it won’t be appearing on Sony consoles anytime soon. The game will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One and for Windows PC – kind of a Microsoft exclusive then. A few site have already published their own PC exclusive titanfall hacks with interesting features.
That exclusivity deal must have looked pretty good to publisher EA when it was made some time ago, with the Xbox 360 being the go-to console for first-person shooters. However, with the PS4 reportedly outpacing its Microsoft rival both in terms of sales and critical approval (see our PS4 Review and Xbox One Review for an indepth breakdown), it may not look so clever when the sales figures come in on launch day.
If you’re looking to play Titanfall on a new console, then it’ll have to be an Xbox One

Even those who are planning to play on Xbox 360 shouldn’t be celebrating quite yet. The development duties on that platform have been farmed out to another developer, Bluepoint Games. It has previously been responsible for a number of big PS3 to PS Vita conversions, but nothing this high profile, and as of yet the game hasn’t been seen running on the older console.

EA for its part has stated that the exclusivity deal isn’t time-limited, so Titanfall won’t be popping out on PS3 or PS4 in six months’ time. The exclusive deal doesn’t cover sequels however, so Titanfall 2 may well make it to Sony consoles when the inevitable Titanfall 2 is released.

Pixel Tips

I also want to point out that only some of the images used in these tutorials are “zoomed”. For images that aren’t zoomed, it would be good if you take the time to copy / paste or save the images so you can study them in detail. Pixel-art is a matter of pixels, do studying it from far away is useless.
Finally, I must thank all the artists who participated with me in creating this tutorial in one way or another: Shin for his dirty work and Lineart, Xenodrogen his genius for color, for Lunn his knowledge of perspective, and Panda, stern Ahruon, Dyo and Kryon for generously lending their works to illustrate these pages.
1. Any old thing
When selecting software to make pixel-art, people often think: “Choosing software? That’s crazy talk! All we need to make pixel-art is paint!” Tragic mistake: I was talking about bad tools, here is one. Paint has one advantage (and only one): you already have it if you’re running Windows. On the other hand, it has boatloads of disadvantages. This is a (non-exhaustive) list:
* You can’t open more than one file at a time
* No palette management
* No layers or transparency
* No non-rectangular selections
* Few keyboard shortcuts
* Terrible ergonomics
In short, you can forget about Paint. Now we’ll look at some real software.

Pixel Arts

Hello and welcome to my blog on Pixel Art . We will be looking at what its all about and whats involved to make it and some instruction on how to make your own. Hope you enjoy it.There are many definitions of the pixel-art, but here we will just one: an image is pixel-art if it is created entirely by hand and that he had control of the color and position of each pixel which composes. Clearly, in pixel-art on or use brushes or tools blurred or degraded machines and other software options that “modern” put at our disposal. It is limited to tools such as “pencil” and “paint pot”.

However, this isn’t to say that pixel-art or non-pixel-art graphics are more or less beautiful. It’s fair to say that pixel-art is different, and it lends itself better to more “retro” style games (in the vein of Super NES or Game Boy Advance). You can also combine the techniques taught here with effects of non-pixel-art to create a “hybrid” style.

So here you will learn the technical part of pixel-art. However, under no circumstances I will make you an artist … for the simple reason that I am not one. I will teach you nothing about human anatomy, nothing on the composition of a work of art, and little on perspective. In this tutorial, you can find a lot of information about pixel-art techniques. In the end, you should be able to produce characters and scenery for your games, provided you pay attention, practice regularly, and apply the advice given